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100% CashBack at WinPalace

Posted on September 22, 2012 | Comments Off on 100% CashBack at WinPalace

WinPalace is offering our favorite type of promotion through September 27th – CashBack. Play at WinPalace and in the event you lose your deposit you simply request your 100% cashback and be back to even. There is no risk in playing and you can bet as much as you want with your deposit amount as you know you are getting it back in the form of a bonus. Play the best online slots and enjoy a risk free session at the machines!

The CashBack promotion is valid on your second deposit of the day valid everyday through the 27th. Consider making a small first deposit then make your second deposit as large as you can so that you can claim as big of a bonus as you can. The CashBack is good on any deposit amount over $50.

The reason we prefer CashBack bonuses more than any other kind is that you have the chance to win without any real downside. If you lose your deposit amount you have the CashBack promo as a back up to receive your money back. If you win the great thing is that because you do not claim the bonus until after you play, if you win big you withdraw your winnings immediately without completing any type of rollover or playthrough requirement. We generally plag big and use high limit slots with our deposit because of we win big we cash out immediatly. If we lose we claim teh cashback an dplay as we usually would under anyother cirumstances.

WinPalace accepts Visa and MasterCard for casino deposits and does a great job getting both approved. WinPalace has some of the best credit card acceptance rates in the industry. If you do not have an account at WinPalace sign up here and claim a 300% match bonus up to $3000 for slots.

So enjoy playing at WinPalace and remember to claim your 100% cashback if lady luck is not on your side. A bonuscode is not needed, you just have to contact customer service to claim the bonus.

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