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Playing Online Slots in 2013

Posted on April 16, 2013 | Comments Off on Playing Online Slots in 2013

Online slots play continues to grow rapidly online and with its growth comes new casino after new casino. If you looking to play USA online slots make sure to stick with the most reputable and trustworthy online casinos available on the Internet. We have been using online casinos to play slots and other table games for over a decade and have had our share of good times and bad times. The worst experience you can have with an online casino is winning and never getting paid. This has happened to us in the past and was a major reason why we started this website. We wanted to share pour experiences with online casinos, good and bad. This way we can list the good casinos and warn other players about casinos that do not pay or pay very slowly.

All the online casinos we have listed here have solid reputations for player fairness and fast payouts. Fairness and payouts are our main concern. We make sure every online casino we list here go through third party audits to make sure their payouts are over 97% which is the industry standard. While we do not audit the casinos ourselves we keep close watch on the third party auditors and make sure the casinos are participating in their do diligence.

The next main thing we do monitor is how fast the online casinos payout. We make a withdraw at every single online casino we recommend here every month. It is our way of making sure no one is slipping or having troubles with their processors. If an online casino misses a payment or gives us a run around they are immediately de-listed. Whether we have played there for years or days, if a casino is slow paying they are not listed here. The best sign that a casino is in trouble is delayed payments. Of course from time to time special circumstances may arise and a casino does have a legitimate reason for playing slow but that is very rare.

There are other things we monitor other than audits and withdraws but these two are the most important to us. This way you can feel confident playing at the best USA online slots for 2013 and beyond. Claim the best slots bonuses available and get your credit card deposits approved. If you like to play USA online slots stick to our list of these casinos so you will never have a problem.

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