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Playing at High Limits

Posted on March 10, 2014 | Comments Off on Playing at High Limits

High Limit SlotsIf you haveĀ  a limited bankroll there are two schools of thought on how you should play. This pertains to playing online slots or table games and can actually be used in other gaming arenas as well. The two thoughts are how you should bet. Should you take your bankroll and play at low limits for a greater period of time or play at high limits for a short period of time? We lean more towards playing at high limits and here is the main reason why.

Every online casino game and slot machine have odds built into the game in favor of the casino. While you can certainly win from time to time in the casino, over the long run you should lose money. After all if the average casino player didn’t lose money the casino would not be able to make a profit and stay in business.

If we had $1000 to play with we would rather play at a $10 slot machine rather than $1 slot machine because the amount of time being spend at the machine will be shorter and the chances of hitting a smaller winning combination that results in winning a decent amount of money is greater.

For example, playing at a $10 slot machine you could hit a 100 credit winning combination and win $1000. To win that same amount at $1 slot machine you would have to hit a 1000 credit winning combination. The odds of hitting a 100 credit winning combination is much greater than the 1000 credit combination. By playing high limit slots you can hit a more probable winning combination that still pays enough to make you a winner and you can cash out.

Using higher limit slots will make your stay at the slot machine shorter, especially if you do not hit any winning combinations in several spins, but the chances of winning a substantial amount of money is greater and remember, the longer you play the better the chances of losing your bankroll.

Be sure top claim your slots bonus because also gives you a better chance of winning by increasing your bankroll. We think the Jackpot Grand Casino has the best online slots bonus offering a 400% match bonus up to $4000. By playing at higher limits you will also clear your bonus easier and be able to cash out your winnings quicker.

See all the USA slots reviews and choose the casino which best matches your style for playing USA online slots. Again we recommend playing at high limits but if you are looking for pure entertainment value, playing at lower limits for a few hours may be your best bet.

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