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Lock Casino and Poker Warning

Posted on September 4, 2014 | Comments Off on Lock Casino and Poker Warning

Thumbs Down - AvoidIf you currently play at the Lock Casino or have plans of playing at the Lock Casino do not make a deposit! The Lock Casino and Lock Poker room are not playing players. We have never recommended the Lock Casino here at Online Slots Hub but we did make a deposit and played at the Lock Casino in order to determine if the casino could be considered as a recommendation. We made several deposits and played at the Lock Casino for roughly a month before requesting a withdraw. Our withdraw was requested on May 27th and we are yet to receive it.

With our withdraw request now being over 90 days old we are pretty certain we not be receiving our money. Even worse we are only one of many players who have made a withdraw request at Lock and have not received it. It appears the Lock Casino and Poker Room may be in sever financial peril and unfortunately they are still accepting deposits from unknowing players.

The Lock Casino has been responding to email questions regarding our withdraw, however even email correspondence has stopped as of late August. Over the last 90 days we were in contact with the support staff who stated the withdraw would be paid, however now over 90 days old and correspondence halted we feel we have a better chance of hitting a huge progressive jackpot than receiving our money!

If you do want to play some online slots and casino games, see our listing of the best online casinos for USA players. All of our recommended casinos pay quickly and you will not find yourself in a situation like the one at the Lock Casino. You can expect to receive all of your withdraws within 10 business days and in most cases quicker than that.

In summary, if you were thinking about playing USA online slots at the Lock Casino or playing at the Lock Poker Room – don’t! Avoid the Lock Casino and Poker Room as it appears you will not be paid. Again, while we never have recommended the Lock Casino we still want to inform players about this unfortunate situation. Do not play at the Lock Casino or Poker Room and please spread the word if you have friends or family members who also enjoy playing at online casinos. We wish we could do more and close down the Lock Casino (which will most likely happen soon) but even if we can save one player from making a bad deposit at least Lock will not be getting their money!

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