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Why We Like High Limit Slots

Posted on November 13, 2014 | Comments Off on Why We Like High Limit Slots

High LimitMany times when we decide to play online slots we choose to play high limit slots. By playing higher limits you can actually increase the chances you have of winning big with the same amount of money as you would playing standard or lower limit slots. The next time you play slots online think about playing at a high limit machine, you may just hit for a huge amount of money. Most of the casinos listed here offer high limits and you can enjoy playing USA online slots for as little or as much as you want to play per spin.

Many players think they cannot afford to play high limit machines or are scared to risk that amount of money. The truth is you can play higher limit slots with a relatively small amount of money. The trade off between playing at higher limits is you may not end up playing for as long as you would at lower limits but you do increase your chances of winning and winning big.

By playing at high limit slot machines you increase your chances of winning because you do not have to hit a huge winning combination in order to cash out a relatively large amount of money. If you usually play 25 cent machines consider playing at $1 machines. If you usually play at $1 machines move up to a $5 machine or higher. By doing so you can hit a lower winning paying combination but still win enough money to make a large payout.

When you play for lower limits you have to hit one of the highest winning combinations in order to really win big and for a lot of money. For example, playing at a 3 reel 25 cent machine, playing all three credits you would have to hit for 4000 credits to win $1000. Playing at the same machine but for $1 you would only have to hit for 1000 credits to win the same $1000. Which winning combination do you think is more likely to hit? The 1000 credit combination is much more likely to hit and actually will hit pretty often.

The drawback to playing at higher limits is obviously you are spending more per spin ($3 verses $.75) which will mean your bankroll will go quicker if you do not win. We however would rather play for less time if we have a better chance of winning and with the above example the chances of winning 1000 credits is much more likely than winning 4000 credits. And in the event you do hit a large winning combination, like say 4 or 5000 credits, you really win a nice amount of money.

While the above example and scenario is not for everyone, it is worth giving some thought. If you plan on playing online slots strictly for some entertainment purposes you may be better off playing at lower limits just so you can play longer. But if you want a chance at winning a nice amount of money try playing some high limit real money slots. You may just win more than you ever expected.

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