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Is it Possible to Cheat Playing Slots?

Posted on July 31, 2015 | Comments Off on Is it Possible to Cheat Playing Slots?

Many people have often wondered if they can cheat when playing slots in order to guarantee hitting the jackpot, or at least to secure a nice winning session. Naturally we never advocate anything that is illegal or that is a breach of the terms of the great slots sites we work with, but none the less, discussing an issue which many slots lovers must have considered is well worth it.

Since slots were first invented way back in the late 1800s, players have tried to cheat. Such is human nature, in all its morally ambiguous, yet creative wonder. From the earliest ever slots to the very best online slots of today, players have wondered if they can somehow force the machine to payout or, more legally, spot patterns in play that indicate a big win is just around the corner.

With the very earliest slots there were certain methods of manipulation, using magnets and other devices, that could allow rogue players to rig wins or play the slots without paying. The latter was possible, for example, by “yo-yoing” the coin in and out of the machine, or by using fake coins. As in any area of what is, essentially, crime an ongoing battle between the machines’ creators and the people trying to cheat them ensued, with both parties always looking to stay one step ahead of the opposition.

Moving forward to more modern times and certain slots have been possible to manipulate for the player prepared to put in a lot of work in order to memorize certain patterns and take advantage of systems built into the machines by engineers in order to run tests on them, or take advantage of slight glitches in the programming by following fixed but complex patterns of play. Other methods of cheating have included using computers and/or replacing parts of the machines with custom-made parts or chips that can be controlled by the slots cheater.

Coming forward to modern times and cheating on the best online slots is, to our knowledge, impossible. Similarly, slots are wholly random, so just because a certain sequence has led to a win before, doesn’t mean it will do so again and, moreover, just because you have not won for a certain number of spins doesn’t mean the machine is more likely to play.

Sadly, when it comes to slots, your best chance of winning is down to luck, and to make good use of the huge slots bonuses that are available at the best USA slots sites!

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