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Tactics to Clear a Casino Bonus

Posted on September 2, 2015 | Comments Off on Tactics to Clear a Casino Bonus

The USA online slots sites listed here all offer new customers great welcome bonuses, whilst most also offer great promotions and bonuses to their existing customers too. However, these real money bonuses will always have wagering requirements attached that must be completed prior to making a withdrawal and so the question many USA online casino fans ask is: what’s the best way to complete the bonus wagering?

More often than not slots are the best way to clear the rollover because invariably many other games, such as blackjack, video poker or roulette may not contribute toward the bonus wagering requirements. Or, if they do qualify, it will be at a reduced percentage, for example $10 of play on blackjack may only equate to $2.50, $1 or sometimes even less off the total amount you are required to wager.

Slots almost always qualify and usually at 100%, meaning that if you wager $100 on slots, your rollover requirement will be reduced by the full $100. Whatever the bonus is, it’s always crucial you understand the key terms and conditions, because some games may not count, there could be a maximum cashout, a maximum bet per hand/spin or certain other restrictions on staking patterns.

Once you understand the fundamentals of the bonus there are several approaches as to how to go about leaving the casino with some cash in your pocket. Many players will simply play whatever games they enjoy, staking at their normal levels, or perhaps a bit higher as they have so much extra free casino cash to play with. That’s fine if you simply want to have fun because you certainly will. With thousands of free spins, hands or rolls, you’ll play for a lot longer and enjoy lots of thrills and spills along the way.

However, because the bonus wagering conditions are often quite strict, you’d need an extended run of great luck in order to walk away in the black. Instead our preferred strategy is to take high risks early on in order to try and establish a nice bank and then to work through the wagering on whatever the lowest risk (the game with the lowest house edge) eligible game is.

As such, starting with a few hands of blackjack at high stakes or perhaps a few spins of the slots at $10 a time, is our bonus strategy. If you can have a short period of luck you could double your bonus quite quickly, which should then allow you to grind out the rest of the rollover and retain a nice chunk of profit.

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