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What We Want To See In The World Of Slots 2016

Posted on December 18, 2015 | Comments Off on What We Want To See In The World Of Slots 2016

Online slots are great! Great fun, a great way to pass some time and a great way to win some cash. However, they aren’t perfect, and even the top notch USA online slots sites that we work with could improve just a little, whilst we also have some messages for the not so first class online casinos and real money slots sites out there too! Here’s our little wish list to Santa for the things we’d like to see happen in the world of real money slots in 2016.

Bigger Progressive Jackpots

We recently told you about a UK player that won $20m playing a progressive slot and that’s the sort of jackpot we’d like to see available to USA slots players. RTG (Realtime Gaming) provide games for most of the sites we feature (see our casino reviews for more info); and whilst they have a range of big progressives worth seven figure sums, none are worth the sort of astronomical amounts that our European slots friends can spin for. In 2016, bring on the EIGHT figure jackpots we say!

Clearer, More Liberal Laws

The ever-changing nature of gambling regulation in the US is a mess and we’d like to see online gambling brought into line with the liberal laws of Vegas that fairly reflect the true spirit of the American way. If we want to play slots in the comfort of our homes, what right has any politician to say we can’t?

More Mobile Slots

In fact, forget our homes, if we want to play mobile slots, anytime and anyplace we want, that’s our business. But we’d also like a little more choice when it comes to slots on our cells, with even the best mobile casinos only offering a small percentage of their overall games portfolio.

RTP Rates

Everyone knows that slots, like all casino games, favor the house so why not be open and honest about this and make it clear what the RTP is on each and every slot. The Return To Player rate tells you roughly what sort of returns you can expect from a slot and allows you to compare one slot against another. The RTP isn’t everything but it’s a big part of comparing one slot or casino against another so why not clearly show the rate alongside the main slot info?

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