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Orc vs Elf Slot Review

Posted on January 13, 2016 | Comments Off on Orc vs Elf Slot Review

Realtime Gaming (RTG) are one of the foremost gaming software producers and are trusted by some of the biggest and best USA online slots sites and casinos to provide a range of top games. With a vast array of slots to choose from, here we give you details of one of our favorites, Orc vs Elf.

The Orc vs Elf slot will be immediately appealing to anyone who has an interest in fantasy-adventure films and games, and fans of Lord of the Rings will certainly be well satisfied with what they find. But we think the superior style, graphics and gameplay of the Orc vs Elf slot allows it to transcend the niche to appeal to anyone who simply likes playing well-developed slots.

With a magical, otherworldly theme that includes swords, bows and arrows, wolves, mystical characters and more, the gameplay is engrossing right from the moment you select your ‘champion’, the orc or the elf. The orc lurks menacingly on the left of the five reels with the elf stands proudly on the right hand side, awaiting the moment at which you unlock one of the fascinating bonus features.

The orc’s feature is dubbed the Trail to Orcholme which has a number of levels for you to work through with features including the Orc Horde (giving an extra orca symbol to the first reel), Giant Spins (whereby darkling symbols pay triple the usual value) and Orc Onslaught (whereby the orc covers the whole of the first reel.

The elf’s (slightly less scary) feature trail is called the Road to Elveros and there are plenty of free spins and additional bonuses to grab, with suitably attractive graphics to go alongside each bonus or feature.

It is the Battle Bonus that really utilizes the power of the RTG 3D graphics, however, as the two characters indulge in a brutal battle to the death, the winner getting awarded a Victory Point… win three of those and you’re on for the big prize!

Note that this is an all-play game, meaning that you don’t get the flexibility to choose how many paylines you want to make active, they are all active for every spin. Also note that this game can provide a good amount of entertainment and is on a different level to many of the more simplistic slots out there.

So if you haven’t checked out Orc vs Elf before and you fancy an immersive and exciting slot, get over to one of our RTG-powered casinos today and see what you think.

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