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Understanding Online Slot Bonuses

Posted on June 8, 2016 | Comments Off on Understanding Online Slot Bonuses

Understanding BonusesA major part of playing online slots is taking advantage of the different slot bonuses online casinos offer. It is important however to completely understand the bonus you are claiming and to read the terms and conditions carefully before you claim it. Many online slots bonuses and online casino bonuses in general can vary greatly from casino to casino and even from bonus to bonus at the same casino. Read on for a few important points when you are considering claiming an online casino bonus.

First off, online casino bonuses can add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your real money bankroll when playing at online casinos and in most cases bonuses should be taken advantage of. It is important though to make sure the bonus is going to improve your odds of winning and you should not just claim a bonus for the sake of claiming a bonus. Bonuses should help improve your odds of winning and you should only claim bonuses which coincide with your intended type of play. In other words, if you only play slots there is not a reason to claim a bonus that is only good for video poker or table games. Also a bonus may limit you to only playing a few different online slot machines. If these machines are not what you were planning on playing why claim the bonus? The object of the bonus is improve your chances of winning by increasing your bankroll and giving you more time and more money to play the games and or slots you already intended to.

When deciding whether to claim a bonus, if the bonus is valid for the games and or slots you were planning on playing, the next thing to understand is the rollover requirement. A bonus rollover requirement is the amount of money you must wager in order to request a withdraw. Almost every online casino bonus will have a rollover requirement or the online casino would go out of business by players simply claiming a bonus and making a withdraw. Rollover requirements can range from a 10x’s rollover to a 50x’s rollover or even more. This means if the bonus requires a 10x’s rollover of your bonus amount, you must wager the amount you claimed in bonuses multiplied by 10. So if you claimed a $1000 bonus you would need to wager $10,000 before requesting a withdraw.

While the rollover amount may seem like a lot of money, it will actually go by faster than you think. When playing slots for example, you are satisfying your rollover requirement with very spin. Whether you win or lose you are wagering money and that counts towards your rollover. If you spun the reels on a slot machine 25 times at $1 per spin, you would have satisfied (or cleared) $25 of your rollover requirement. In those 25 spins you may have won 12 times and lost 13 times for a net lose of $1, but you still cleared $25 of your bonus.

When it comes to bonus rollovers, as a general rule we do not generally claim or recommend claiming a bonus with over a 40x’s rollover requirement. Anything over 40x’s can turn out being to hard to satisfy and you would have to play for a long time to satisfy the rollover requirement. If you would happen to hit a nice jackpot early in your playing session, by the time you satisfy your rollover requirement you may lose more than you wanted to.

Another important condition of online casino bonuses is whether there is a maximum cashout or withdraw amount associated with the bonus. We try to only claim bonuses which do not carry any type of maximum cashout restriction. Some bonus will carry a maximum cashout restriction of 4 or 5x’s your bonus amount. This means you cannot cashout more than 4 or 5x’s the amount of your bonus regardless how much you win. For example, if you claimed a $1000 bonus which carries a 5x’s max cashout you can only withdraw $5000 regardless how much you win. Imagine winning a huge jackpot but because you claimed a bonus with a 5x’s cashout limit, you have to forfeit the extra winnings and you can never withdraw them. We do not ever want to find ourselves in that position and we imagine you would not either. One of the reasons we have named the Aladdins Gold Casino our best online slots casino is they offer a great sign up bonus which does not carry any type of max cashout restriction. Regardless of how much you win at Aladdins Gold you can cash out every single penny regardless how much it is.

This is only two of the restrictions or terms and conditions of claiming an online casino bonus but we think they are two very important ones. Be sure to completely understand the bonus you are about to claim before doing so. You do not want to find yourself in a bad situation where you cannot keep all of your winnings or you have to play for hours upon hours before being able to make a withdraw. We recommend the slots sign up bonuses at both the Aladdins Gold and Lucky Red Casinos because their bonus terms and conditions are some of the most favorable for players. Aladdins Gold is our top USA online casino for playing online slots for real money and if you give them a try you can claim a 200% match bonus up to $2000 on each of your first 7 deposits. See our Aladdins Gold Casino review for more details on our top USA online slots casino and enjoy playing the best USA online slots.

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