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Receiving Your Casino Winnings

Posted on October 23, 2016 | Comments Off on Receiving Your Casino Winnings

Hopefully after playing online slots and other online casino games you have the opportunity to make a withdraw and cash out some of your winnings. So what are they available options for receiving your casino winnings and what options are the best for USA players? Because everyone will hopefully request a casino withdraw at some point, we thought we would take a minute to discuss the different available options and give some feedback on which options we like the most.

The most common online casino withdraw method is by check. Just about every USA online casino will offer a check withdraw option, however a check withdraw is our last resort option. If there are other feasible withdraw method available we will generally choose one of them. The main reason we do like to receive withdraws by check is simply the amount of time it takes to receive it. In most cases a check will not arrive for at least 7 business days and 10 to 15 business days is more likely. Also,when receiving a check, depending on the online casinos sending it, your bank may put a hold on the amount of the check when you deposit it. Many times checks will be drawn on a foreign bank and domestic banks here in the USA will place a hold on the check until it clears. This can delay the availability of your funds even longer and it may be 30 days form the time you requested a check until you actually have the money available. If a check withdraw is the only option available for you, obviously you must choose it but be aware it may be some time before you have access to your funds.

With checks being our last resort, our favorite way to receive our casino winnings is by ACH. An ACH withdraw is an electronic transfer of funds from the online casinos bank to your personal bank account. You must supply the online casino with your banking information and once the ACH is sent it is generally in your bank account in 1 to 2 business days. From the time you request your withdraw until it is actually in your bank account may be 3 to 5 business days but with ACH withdraws the funds are always available immediately in your bank account. There are usually not any holds placed on ACH deposits and you can withdraw the funds the same day they are deposited into your account. Only a few USA online casinos offer ACH withdraws and BetOnline is the only online casino we recommend where you can withdraw by ACH. Withdraws at BetOnline are some of the fastest in the industry and they also offer a great selection of USA online slots. See our BetOnline Casino review for more details.

Bank Wires are another popular online casino withdraw method and bank wires are similar to ACH withdraws. For bank wires you also have to supply the casino with your banking information and the casino sends the money from their bank account to your bank account. Unlike ACH withdraws, bank wires are done manually but like ACH withdraw the funds are generally always available for withdraw from your bank account immediately.

To see the different withdraw methods offered by each of the USA online casinos we recommend see our slots reviews where we not only list the withdraw methods available for each casino but also the deposit methods. One advantage to using the online casinos listed here OnlineSlotsHub is we ourselves use all the deposit and withdraw methods offered by each of the casinos we recommend to make sure you will not have any problems getting a deposit approved. Credit card deposits work well at every listed casino and you can always be sure you will receive your winnings in a timely manner from each and every online casino. Enjoy playing USA online slots and never be concerned whether you will be able to receive your winnings, you will with no problems.

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