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Why Are Some Slots and Casinos Not Available in the US?

Posted on June 12, 2020 | Comments Off on Why Are Some Slots and Casinos Not Available in the US?

If you like playing online slots and other popular casino games, you may have noticed that players from the US cannot access some sites. Why does this happen?

There are several possible answers, but the most common one is the geo-restriction. Simply put, some casinos block players with IPs from certain countries, meaning they allow only players from countries where this casino is available.

This happens because there are probably some legal obstacles that don’t allow an online casino to offer its services to a specific country.

Therefore, if you cannot access an online casino from the US, there’s probably some kind of legal complication why this platform is not accessible.

But sometimes, casinos choose to focus on a certain area in the world and leave out other parts. For example, an online casino focusing on Europe will often block US players from accessing, as US citizens are not the primary target.

As a person from America who wants to play USA online slots, your best choice is choosing a casino that’s available in your country.

Better Experience

There are many reasons for that, but the most important one is that these casinos that are available in the US probably offer a better experience for Americans compared to the unavailable ones.

For example, US-facing online casinos will often offer slots that cover themes that are popular in America. In our previous article, we actually tackled this — players from the US definitely prefer playing US-themed slots than Asian-themed ones. That’s why some casinos that are available to Asian players are unavailable to Americans.

But there are some sites, such as Lucky Red Casino or Aladdin’s Gold Casino, that feature both US and Asian games, although they are made for the American market. Namely, these sites feature games from Real Time Gaming, and RTG has been making a lot of Asian-themed slots to conquered the Asian market.

However, the company decided to make these games available on their US online casinos too, and that’s why you can play all kinds of titles on casinos we mentioned above.

If you prefer playing USA allowed online slots, make sure to check our entire selection of online casinos. All of them have great welcome bonuses, so feel free to explore them and select the ones that meet your need.

Once you open an account and make a deposit, you’ll be able to receive bonus money or free spins, depending on what the welcome offer consists of on the site of your choice.

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