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Multiple Las Vegas Casinos Ripped Off By Sophisticated Scammers

Posted on July 2, 2023 | Comments Off on Multiple Las Vegas Casinos Ripped Off By Sophisticated Scammers

For as many years as there has been casinos, there have been people trying to scam or rob them. On June 26, 2023, it was reported Circa had been robbed of $1.2 million. This wasn’t your old fashioned robbery with guns or knives. This was something much different than that. A casino employee, it was reported, delivered the cash to the crooks, voluntarily. The con artist impersonated the owner of the casino and instructed the employee to do so. There was an arrest and $850,000 of the cash was recovered.

The story gets much bigger and more detailed. Basically, she was told to deliver $320,000 for an emergency payment to the fire department. The employee was a cage supervisor and not part of the scam. She also brought three additional payments of $314,000, $350,000, and $500,000 to a person she believed was the lawyer of the owner. Circa’s security team realized there was something going on and got law enforcements involved. $850,000 of the cash was recovered.

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