Slots vs. Roulette — Which Traditional Casino Game Is Better?

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People who enjoy playing USA online slots also like to play other popular casino games from time to time. In this article, we will compare two popular casino games and explore their advantages and disadvantages.

Online slots’ main advantage is its number. In other words, if you want to spin some reels, there is a huge choice of games on the web right now — we’re talking literally hundreds of online video slots.

Many of them have very specific themes and are built to attract various players. For example, if you’re a sports fan, you’re going to love slots inspired by sports. There are other genres, such as sci-fi slots, fantasy slots, cartoon slots, animal slots, and more. The selection is really vast, and everyone can find what they like.

Apart from the themes, many USA online slots differ in terms of reel structure, symbols, bonus features and more. In other words, they can come in various shapes and sizes. Some of these titles are barely considered slots, as their developers took so much freedom in changing the rules.

Rigid Rules

Speaking of rules, they are quite rigid in roulette, and that’s why there aren’t too many roulette types as slots. Essentially, you get to pick between European and American roulette (one zero or two zeros), and that’s pretty much it.

On the other hand, playing roulette is also available in live casinos, which adds an entirely new and exciting level of experience for online casino lovers. Live casinos usually feature live dealers who are streamed and who communicate with online players, keeping the game more interesting.

Moreover, roulette has overall a better house edge, which is usually rounded to 2.70 percent. This is definitely better than the majority of online slots, which usually have RTP figures between 90 and 97 percent.

The best thing about both types of games is that they are continually evolving, as numerous casino game development companies actively work on improving players’ experience and bring new and innovative products to the market.

For example, you can now play both roulette and slots directly from your browser without the need to download any additional software onto your PC. Moreover, both types of games are nowadays available on the go as players can enjoy playing them on their mobile devices.

If you want to check out some of the best USA mobile slots or roulette games, make sure to check out some of the sites that support mobile play and allow you to play your favorite casino games on the small screen of your mobile device.

Aladdin’s Gold Tuesday Promo – 3×67% Deposit Bonus for Slots

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Aladdin’s Gold Casino is an online gambling platform that offers all kinds of casino games. Nevertheless, online video slots play the most important role at the site, as there are dozens of titles available for playing. Therefore, if you like playing USA online slots, you can find some very interesting titles at the site.

However, what makes Aladdin’s Gold stand out is a unique way to distribute promotions to the players. Apart from the two hefty welcome bonuses, players can also claim promos for every day of the week. Not all of those promos are focused on slots, but a couple of them are — especially the promotion which you can redeem on Tuesdays.

Essentially, what you get if you redeem this bonus is 67 percent more bonus money on top of your deposit. Therefore, if you deposit a total of $100, you will get $67 more, which you can use for playing online video slots, as well as keno and scratch cards on the platform.

Code Required

This bonus, just like every other promotion on the site, is triggered by using a unique coupon code that activates it. To find that code, you need to navigate to the promotions section on the site and find the code for any of the promotions that are available at Aladdin’s Gold Casino.

Naturally, this bonus also comes with a set of terms and conditions that you should pay attention to. First of all, the wagering requirements for this bonus are set to 25x, which is very good, considering that the average WRs are approximately 35x. Therefore, before the bonus money becomes available for withdrawal, you need to play it through 25 times.

The most important thing about this bonus is that it is redeemable three times, meaning you get three chances to get the bonus money and enjoy playing online video slots on this popular online casino.

If you want to try other bonuses, make sure to check out the welcome bonus on this site. It has special online slots welcome promo where you can get a 200 percent deposit bonus on your first seven deposits for seven days.

Also, feel free to browse through other promos for other days of the week, and learn more about them.

Finally, make sure to check out other slots bonuses that are offered by other online casinos. There are a lot of great promotions out there that can really make your slot spinning experience more exciting and help you explore more games.

Altcoins — Should You Use Them for Online Casinos?

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People who like playing USA online slots now have a unique opportunity — depositing and withdrawing using the most popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. Bitcoin revolutionized the way we send and receive money and facilitated online transactions by far when compared to some other payment methods that are more “traditional.” Nowadays, many casinos have included Bitcoin as a payment method, and an increasing number of people are switching to BTC for various reasons.

However, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency at the moment. The underlying technology which is used to make BTC — blockchain — is used for creating many other cryptos. All of them are collectively called “Altcoins” simply because they provide an alternative to Bitcoin. Are they really a good alternative, and can they be used for online casinos?

Well, the number of altcoins is rapidly increasing, as there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have active users. Some of them, indeed, managed to improve the technology upon which BTC is based and make payments even faster and more reliable.

However, the main problem with altcoins at the moment is that they are nowhere near the popularity of BTC, meaning not many casinos are ready to accept any altcoin as a default payment method.

Will Take Time

Therefore, altcoins need to gain more popularity, and more money needs to be invested in them in order for it to become as popular and as widespread as BTC. This is not likely to happen in the near future, so Bitcoin remains the best payment option for casinos at the moment.

Casinos also love BTC as it is easy to use, and saves them additional paperwork, and that’s one of the main reasons why some casinos have lucrative casino and slot bonuses for people who opt to use Bitcoin.

The bottom line is — there are many cryptocurrencies at the moment, and some of them work even better than Bitcoin. However, they are still neither as adopted nor as popular as Bitcoin, and not many casinos offer deposits and withdrawals for them.

Naturally, there are a couple of altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and more that are much more popular and are getting closer to Bitcoin, but it is still extremely difficult to find casinos that offer them as a payment option.

Therefore, make sure to stick to Bitcoin if you’re into playing casinos using cryptocurrencies as it is going to be the most dominant crypto for a long time. However, feel free to check out other cryptos from time to time to see whether they have gained popularity.

What Are Free-to-Play Online Slots?

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Online video slots come in two variants — they’re either played for free or for real money. If you live in the US and you are looking to play USA online slots, you can do that without actually depositing money into your online casino balance.

The majority of online slot providers actually offer their games for free. Basically, what you get to do is spin the reels of the slot using the fake money provided by the casino or the slot provider. You can use all the features most of the time and even trigger the bonus ones that will result in bigger wins.

The only downside to it is that you don’t actually win real money. You will fake credit and fill in your balance with it. Even when you run out of the fake money, many providers allow you to restart the game and return to the starting amount.

But Why?

At this moment, you might wonder, what’s the point of playing online slots and not getting anything in return?

First of all, many slot lovers like to explore the game before they actually invest in it, and spinning the reels for free is a great way to do it. They get to learn more about the gameplay, bonuses, symbols, animations, music, and the overall “vibe” that a particular slot gives off. If they don’t like it, they will not play it for real money.

Not all online slots are available for free play. There are some that are made exclusively for players who make a deposit, and there are various reasons why some companies decide to make such slots. One of the most important reasons is because free play sometimes doesn’t work when there’s a progressive jackpot system in the game.

In the end, we need to ask this, is it worth playing free slots? It’s always worth playing them at least for a while to learn more about the game. However, if you play slots not for money but for fun, then it’s definitely worth playing them.

Nevertheless, rewards play a huge role in online (and all other types of) slots. Therefore, to experience them, it’s always a good idea to switch to real money and test your luck.

One of the ways to both explore the slot and win real money is to claim slot bonuses offered by online casinos. That way, you will be able to make a couple of risk-free spins and maybe get something in return if you’re lucky.

Lucky Red Casino Offers 400% Bonus for Slots

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Lucky Red Casino is a popular online platform that offers some of the best USA online slots. Therefore, if you live in the states, you have an amazing opportunity to play great casino games on this site. All it takes is to open an account and make a deposit to start spinning the reels of your favorite titles.

However, there is a surprise for every new visitor who decides to deposit using Mastercard or Bitcoin: A hefty welcome bonus. Essentially, all you have to do is connect one of the two payment options and deposit via it. You will receive a lucrative welcome bonus, which is set to 400 percent.

Therefore, if you deposit, for example, $100, you will get an opportunity to play online slots with $400 on top of that. The upper limit to this bonus is $4,000, meaning you have to deposit $1,000 to get the most of it.


This bonus, just like the majority of promotions in online casinos, has some rules that you need to take into account.

First of all, it is a bonus that applies only to the first deposit ever. If you are an existing user and you did not activate this bonus, there are plenty of other promotions on Lucky Red Casino that can help you have a great time playing games.

Moreover, the bonus comes with wagering requirements of 30x, meaning you have to play through your deposit amount 30 times its value before it becomes available for withdrawal. Games that are available for this bonus are mainly slots, keno and scratch cards.

However, if you are not a slots fan and you want to play other casino games, make sure to check out the other welcome bonus, which awards you with a 100 percent match deposit. You can use money from this bonus to play all games on the platform except Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat.

Finally, both of these bonuses come with a free chip bonus, which is worth $75. To claim it, you need to contact the staff and tell them about that. Also, both bonuses are exclusively for people who deposit using either Mastercard or Bitcoin.

There are various other platforms that support these, among other popular USA casino deposits. In other words, you don’t have to make a deposit using Mastercard or Bitcoin in order to receive a welcome bonus, as some platforms allow you to claim this type of promo with other payment options.

Bitcoin as a Deposit Method for Slots: Is It Worth It?

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which is a new type of currency based on innovative technologies that can disrupt the existing finance industry. The digital currency has become widely accepted and has great potential to become the next big thing, even replacing fiat money along the way. However, let’s not jump the boat with predictions, as there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to the acceptance of Bitcoins and their mass adoption.

If you like playing USA online slots, you have probably noticed that some casinos allow you to make a deposit in Bitcoin. This is definitely something you should consider if you own this cryptocurrency as it is a fast and secure type of transfer that is virtually impenetrable by cyberattacks.

However, it is highly debatable whether it is the best payment method out there. According to many online casino lovers, credit cards are still No. 1 when it comes to making deposits. Bitcoin is still way behind simply since it has not been adopted by the masses yet.

Very Volatile

One of the reasons why some players avoid making deposits in this cryptocurrency is that it is highly volatile. In other words, the price of BTC can go up one moment and increase hundreds of dollars. The reverse process is equally as possible, as its price often drops in a very short period of time. Being unstable, players still avoid using it to make deposits.

However, the majority of casinos actually immediately convert your BTC to one of the currencies available on the site, including US dollars. Therefore, all you have to do is take a look at the current price of BTC and immediately know how much money you would deposit in USD once you proceed with this payment method.

Casinos also do their best to improve BTC transactions as they, too, can benefit from quick, fast, and secure transactions that this method offers. They are actively working on introducing BTC and other cryptocurrencies to their offer of payment methods.

In fact, in order to encourage more people to make deposits via this payment option, many casinos actually offer various promotions, including lucrative slot bonuses for new players.

Make sure to check out platforms such as Aladdin’s Gold Casino and Lucky Red Casino, which have great offers for everyone who decides to join them and make a deposit using Bitcoin. This will further improve your online casino and slot experience and help you enjoy a great offer of online slots at those platforms.

Best Halloween Slots Made by Realtime Gaming

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Many people who like playing USA online slots are looking for Halloween-related slots to get themselves in the spirit of this holiday. Here are a couple of ones made by RTG. Let’s take a look.

Bubble Bubble and Bubble Bubble 2

Bubble Bubble features witches that make magic potions and help players earn lucrative prizes. The game was so popular that RTG decided to make a sequel for it, calling it simply Bubble Bubble 2. Both games feature various Halloween-related symbols such as skeletons, black cats, pumpkins and more.

Count Spectacular

Count Spectacular is obviously a slot inspired by Count Dracula, featuring various symbols on the reels that refer to the mythical count from Transylvania. Just like Bubble Bubble, the game has a somewhat cartoonish design, meaning that it is not that scary but will lift your Halloween spirit nevertheless.

Eternal Love

Eternal Love is a romantic slot with a weird twist — it features vampires who have been in love for ages. If you like movies such as Twilight, this is a slot you simply must try. Apart from interesting characters, the game also has various bonus features and interesting symbols on the reels.

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is a more serious title and can really give you chills while you play it. It tells the story of a sunken ship that is filled with ghosts of pirates. Pretty much like the Black Pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean. By spinning the reels, you will join the undead pirates and maybe even find hidden treasures along the way.

Goblin’s Treasure

Speaking of treasure, goblins have always been creatures who liked to collect shiny things and keep them in their caves. This slot features such goblins, and your job is to enter their lair in search of the lost treasure. You will meet various creatures in your quest and win hefty prizes if you are lucky.

Halloween Treasures

Halloween Treasures is a Halloween special no download slot by RTG that features four progressive jackpots — mini, minor, major, and grand. Some of the symbols you’ll meet on the reels include a vampire, a pumpkin, witch’s hat, candles, and more.

I, Zombie

Finally, what would be a Halloween without zombies — these spooky undead creatures that can cause an apocalypse. If you plan to dress as a zombie for the upcoming costume party, make sure to get some inspiration from the RTG’s classic called I, Zombie.

T-Rex 2 — A New Slot Published by RTG

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The T-Rex was a dinosaur which existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Yet, somehow, it still manages to amaze people around the globe with its peculiar and scary looks. The world of dinosaurs was definitely an interesting one, and Realtime Gaming has been inspired by these magnificent creatures — again.

After they published a successful T-Rex online video slot, many people who like USA online slots requested a sequel, and they got one. T-Rex 2 is going to bring you back through time and help you win valuable prizes along the way.

The slot has a standard setup. Apart from five reels with three rows each, there are a total of 25 paylines, and the betting range is from 0.25 to 25.

Improved Design

When it comes to the design of this game, it has been slightly improved compared to its predecessor. Symbols are still very exciting and include a T-Rex and other popular flora and fauna from the Jura epoch of our planet.

In fact, the T-Rex symbol is perhaps the most important one in the game. First of all, it’s a wild symbol, meaning it can substitute all other symbols on the reels to help you create bigger wins. However, it also has a 2x multiplier, meaning that every combo which has T-Rex would pay double. However, the only symbol it cannot replace is the Scatter.

Speaking of scatters, you can find those as well in the game. The scatter symbol is actually a T-Rex egg, and it appears on all five reels. If you land three scatters, you will trigger 10 free spins; four scatters will trigger 20; five will bring you as many as 100 free spins.

The game has the so-called T-Rex Terror Wilds. Basically, if you manage to land a T-Rex Wild on the first reel, it will eat all other dinosaur symbols on the reels and turn them into T-Rex Wilds, thus improving your chances to create big wins.

Finally, T-Rex 2 is actually a progressive jackpot slot. Jackpots are triggered randomly and added to other wins. Therefore, if you like to play slots which have prizes that progressively increase, make sure to check out this one.

If you like the description, make sure to check out casinos that feature games by RTG. At the moment, the two most popular RTG casinos are Aladdin’s Gold Casino and Lucky Red Casino. Both of them offer lucrative slot bonuses for new players who decide to join those platforms.

Builder Beaver — Online Video Slot Review

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Have you heard about Realtime Gaming? They are one of the most popular online slot and casino games provider, focusing mostly on USA online slots. Every now and then, the company publishes new titles and already has a substantial userbase. However, we are going to take a look at one of their classic slots called Builder Beaver.

The slot itself is inspired by beavers, and the Builder Beaver itself is the main character in the game, as it is available on the reels. Your job is to help them build a dam and get rewarded in the process. All you have to do is spin the reels, and wait for a favorable outcome. Let’s take a closer look at this slot.

Other Symbols

Apart from the beaver, there are various other symbols on the reels that are often associated with this animal, including apples, acorns, chest, and more.

There are a total of 25 paylines which will help you win great prizes as you help the hard-working young beaver and his company called Beaver Logging Co. In fact, the slot offers two special symbols.

One of them is the Wild symbol, which is actually represented by the beaver. It will substitute all the other symbols on the reels, and help you receive better rewards.

The other symbol is the scatter, and it is depicted by the beaver’s company. If you get three or more scatters, you will activate 10 Free Spins, which can be reactivated if you are lucky enough to receive an additional three scatter symbols during the bonus round.

The best thing about this game is that the Wild can also trigger free spins. In fact, if you land three or more Beavers, you will start the Beaver Feature, which will award you with 12 free spins.

If you are lucky enough to get Beavers during this round and they are a part of your combo, your prizes will be tripled. On the other hand, this bonus feature cannot be triggered again.

Finally, this game also features a progressive jackpot, so if you are feeling extremely lucky, you can take a shot at this lucrative prize that gets higher in time.

If you want to play this interesting game, you need to open an account at an online casino platform that offers it. Make sure to check out our slot reviews page that covers some of these casinos, including Aladdin’s Gold Casino and Lucky Red Casino, which are platforms that focus on games made by Realtime Gaming.

Win A Day Offers Up To $500 In Bonuses For New Players

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Win A Day, or Winaday, is a great new casino in town, and it is a great option for all people who like to play USA online slots and other casino games that are popular in America. The platform has an outstanding offer of popular titles, and the majority are online video slots from some of the best providers nowadays.

What many people are probably interested in when they see a new casino is the welcome bonus that it offers. Win A Day is pretty generous at the moment, offering up to $500 on the first five deposits.

Every deposit will award you up to $100, and to trigger it, you need to deposit at least $25. Make sure to redeem the bonus codes which you will have to use in order to claim the bonus.

Different Per Deposit

The bonus terms are a bit different for every deposit, mainly from the perspective of how much you get. When you deposit for the first time, you will get a 100 percent match bonus. However, the match bonus goes down to 25 percent for the second, third, and fourth deposit. Finally, the bonus goes up again for the fifth time to 85 percent. What does that mean?

Essentially, if you deposit $100 for the first time, you will get a total of $100 in bonus money. However, if you deposit the same amount for the second, third, and fourth time, you will receive $25 every time. Finally, you will receive $85 for a $100 deposit for the fifth time.

There are some terms and conditions that you need to take into account for the welcome bonus. First of all, all the bonus money that you get via the welcome bonus is subject to wagering requirements which are set to 25x. In other words, you need to wager your money 25 times the bonus amount before it becomes available for withdrawal.

Most importantly, the money that you win via the welcome bonus is available for playing slots, keno and video poker. In other words, if you plan to play other table and card games on this site, you should try other sites.

Apart from the lucrative welcome bonus, Win A Day also has a couple of other interesting promotions that are definitely going to make your day and improve your experience on the site.

To sum up, if you want to explore other slots bonuses on other platforms, make sure to check out popular online casinos such as Aladdin’s Gold, Slotland, Lucky Red Casino, Vegas Crest Casino, Drake, Bo Vegas, and more.