Wild Hog Luau — RTG Releases a New Online Slot

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Inspiration can be found in the strangest places, and the developers and designs from Real Time Gaming found it on Hawaii and the Bahamas. There was a viral video of pigs swimming in the sea in the Bahamas that many people instantly fell in love with, including the RTG team.

They decided to use pigs as an inspiration for making a brand new slot called Wild Hog Luau.

Players will be transported to Hawaii to have an opportunity to hang out with dancing pigs, drink cocoa milk, and enjoy the warm hot summer. In other words, Real Time Gaming made a perfect slot to honor the warm summer days when we need to get away from the country for a while.

Wild Hog Luau is one of the USA online slots made to help Americans experience the beauty of Hawaiian summers. It features a standard five-by-three grid that is set somewhere on a Hawaiian beach.

The symbols on the reels are mostly decorated and happy pigs who can help luck players create big wins.

The slot features eight non-adjustable lines, and the minimum bet per line is $0.01, meaning the minimum overall bet is $0.08. On the other hand, the maximum possible bet is $40 or $5 per line.

Bonus Features

The two most important symbols in the game are the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol on the reel except for the scatter, and the Scatter has the power to trigger the free spins.

Essentially, you have to land at least five scatters to start the bonus round of eight free spins. The more scatters you get, the more free spins you’ll receive, and the most you can get is 50 free spins if you land between 11 and 15 scatter symbols.

What makes this game stand out from the crowd is the Lucky Streak Re-Spin feature. Every time you make a winning payline, you will trigger the re-spin feature.

However, the reels that contain the symbol that is part of the lucky streak will remain frozen, and the rest of the reels will re-spin. The re-spin feature will continue as long as results are coming in.

If you want to play this game, make sure to check out our USA online casinos list where we included many gambling platforms that feature RTG games, including Wild Hog Luau. All casinos come with lucrative welcome bonuses, so feel free to explore those too.

Vegas Crest Casino Offers Up To $2,500 Plus 100 Free Spins

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Vegas Crest Casino is a great online US-facing website for playing casino games, and slots make up the largest part of the platform’s portfolio. If you’re interested in joining this casino, make sure to check out its lucrative welcome package that can boost your overall reel-spinning experience.

So, what does this bonus offer? It offers players an opportunity to win up to $2,500 in bonus money and up to 100 free spins for several slots. Let’s check out how it works.

This is the three-part bonus.

The first part is the no-deposit welcome bonus that will award you 10 free spins for a game called The Tipsy Tourist, one of the popular USA online slots. All you have to do is sign up on Vegas Crest Casino, and you’ll immediately receive your small gift from the site — you don’t even have to make a deposit.

The second part of the bonus is a 200% match up to $1,000. In other words, whatever you deposit will be doubled in bonus money.

For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll receive $200 in bonuses. To get all $1,000 in bonuses, you’ll have to deposit $500. On top of that, you’ll receive 30 free spins that you’ll be able to spend on Pinocchio online video slot.

Last But Not Least

Finally, when you decide to make your second deposit, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a 300% match bonus. Therefore, all your deposits will be tripled in prizes!

The maximum amount of money you can win from this deposit is $1,500, so you’ll have to deposit $500 once again to get the highest possible reward.

The second deposit also comes with a free spins bonus. Everyone who makes a deposit will receive a total of 60 free spins for a game called Fruit Zen 3D.

Naturally, this bonus comes with a set of terms and conditions that you should be familiar with before your claim it. Therefore, make sure to read bonus terms and general T&Cs on the site to understand how this bonus works, what the wagering requirements are, and how to use the bonus money and free spins in the best possible way.

Make sure to check out our list of the best USA online casino slots. We covered great online casinos for US slot lovers, and each of them offers a hefty welcome bonus for newcomers.

If there’s something about Vegas Crest Casino that you don’t like, you can always switch to another platform featured on our website.

Why Are Some Slots and Casinos Not Available in the US?

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If you like playing online slots and other popular casino games, you may have noticed that players from the US cannot access some sites. Why does this happen?

There are several possible answers, but the most common one is the geo-restriction. Simply put, some casinos block players with IPs from certain countries, meaning they allow only players from countries where this casino is available.

This happens because there are probably some legal obstacles that don’t allow an online casino to offer its services to a specific country.

Therefore, if you cannot access an online casino from the US, there’s probably some kind of legal complication why this platform is not accessible.

But sometimes, casinos choose to focus on a certain area in the world and leave out other parts. For example, an online casino focusing on Europe will often block US players from accessing, as US citizens are not the primary target.

As a person from America who wants to play USA online slots, your best choice is choosing a casino that’s available in your country.

Better Experience

There are many reasons for that, but the most important one is that these casinos that are available in the US probably offer a better experience for Americans compared to the unavailable ones.

For example, US-facing online casinos will often offer slots that cover themes that are popular in America. In our previous article, we actually tackled this — players from the US definitely prefer playing US-themed slots than Asian-themed ones. That’s why some casinos that are available to Asian players are unavailable to Americans.

But there are some sites, such as Lucky Red Casino or Aladdin’s Gold Casino, that feature both US and Asian games, although they are made for the American market. Namely, these sites feature games from Real Time Gaming, and RTG has been making a lot of Asian-themed slots to conquered the Asian market.

However, the company decided to make these games available on their US online casinos too, and that’s why you can play all kinds of titles on casinos we mentioned above.

If you prefer playing USA allowed online slots, make sure to check our entire selection of online casinos. All of them have great welcome bonuses, so feel free to explore them and select the ones that meet your need.

Once you open an account and make a deposit, you’ll be able to receive bonus money or free spins, depending on what the welcome offer consists of on the site of your choice.

Slots Inspired By Asian Culture And Tradition

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Asia is the biggest and most populous continent. It’s also becoming one of the biggest markets for online casino games. That’s why many casino development companies are expanding their focus to Asian games as well.

So, what kind of games do Asians love? Although it’s rather difficult to narrow down this list, it’s safe to say that slots are also very popular in almost every country.

Many developers started making a lot of slots that are inspired by Asian culture and tradition to attract more Asian players. Therefore, you can find many slots exploring Chinese legends, popular themes from history, and more.

The best thing about these slots is that they are mostly available as USA online slots. In other words, when developers that usually focus on the US make a game for the Asian market, they don’t find it difficult to make the game available for US players.

If you live in the US, you can play many great online slots, and you will find them particularly exciting if you like Asian culture and tradition.

New Company

Real Time Gaming (RTG) has recently started its Asia-oriented company called RTG Slots. Some of the games that are inspired by Asia and are available to US players are:

  • Ancient Gods
  • Cai Hong
  • Eagle Shadow Fist
  • Dragon Orb
  • Fantasy Mission Force
  • Fire Dragon
  • Fu Chi
  • Fucanglong
  • God of Wealth
  • Golden Lotus
  • Kung Fu Rooster
  • Lucky 8
  • Lucky Tiger
  • Mystic Dragon
  • Ninja Star
  • Panda’s Gold
  • Pig Winner
  • Ronin
  • San Guo Zheng Ba
  • Shanghai Lights
  • Storm Lords
  • Tian Di Yuan Su
  • Wu Zetian
  • Year of Fortune
  • Zhanshi

As you can see, the list is quite lengthy, and it will only continue to grow in the future, as RTG continues to expand on the Asian market. However, if you’re from America, you’ll also be able to play these games.

If you want to play any of the games presented above, you need to open an account in an online casino that offers RTG slots. Luckily for you, there are quite a few of them, since RTG mostly focuses on US players.

If you want to play high-quality casino slot games for free or for real money, make sure to check out some of the platforms featured on our site. Many of them also great welcome bonuses, so feel free to examine them as well before you make your final decision.

Credit Cards for Online Casinos — Pros and Cons

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Credit cards are still widely regarded as the most popular payment option on the web. They are used by millions of people around the globe on a wide variety of online platforms, including online casinos. Americans love using credit cards to make deposits on their favorite gambling platforms.

Apart from being the most popular, they are also considered the most convenient. It takes just a couple of minutes to connect your credit card and transfer your money to the platform. But credit cards also come with several disadvantages. Read on!

Advantages of Using Credit Cards for Online Casinos

The first benefit is the convenience of using a credit card. All you have to do is connect it and make the transaction.

The connection process is easy, and your card is usually remembered by the casino so that you don’t have to connect it all over again. The majority of casinos that offer USA online slots use technology that remembers your card and protects your data.

The second benefit is the fees. Popular credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express usually have very low transaction costs, so you will not lose a lot of money.

Finally, credit cards are very secure, as the popular brands invest a lot of money into security technologies, making them virtually impenetrable by cyberattacks.

Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards for Online Casinos

The primary disadvantage is that some casinos do not allow credit card withdrawals, meaning you will have to use another payment method to cash out your winnings.

Moreover, there’s a possibility that your credit card is going to be rejected. Simply put, banks sometimes don’t authorize payments that are made for online casinos and similar platforms.

In addition to that, the entire underlying process that takes place when you use a credit card is somewhat complex, so anything could become an obstacle to your card being accepted.

Finally, credit card payments are not anonymous. Credit cards are often linked to your bank account, so many users don’t like their money transactions being connected to their identity in any way.

Despite these minor disadvantages, credit cards continue to be the most popular payment option for most casino players. Check out some of the best USA credit card casinos that we covered, and choose the one that meets your needs.

What Is A Cashback Bonus And How Does It Work?

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Every online casino offers a wide variety of bonuses for new and regular players. One of the most common types is a welcome bonus, which is usually given to new players who decide to join a casino and make a deposit.

However, casinos don’t only have to attract new players but retain the regular ones as well. That’s why they also offer a wide variety of other promotions.

A special kind of bonus that’s often present in many online casinos is the Cashback bonus. Just like the name suggests, it’s the type of bonus that gives you back your cash. How so? Let’s take a look at a practical example.

Imagine playing USA online slots after depositing $100. You get carried away and spend all your money on slots.

To make matters worse, imagine that you weren’t lucky and that you ended up winning nothing. This is important because many cashback bonuses work only if you don’t have any winnings.

Then, imagine that a casino offers you a 25% cashback bonus. By losing all your money and winning nothing with them, you are eligible for the cashback bonus. Once you apply, you will receive $25 back to your account, and you will have a second chance.

Time Constraints

Cashback bonuses are usually made for specific periods. For example, a weekly cashback bonus will give you back a certain percentage of all the money you’ve managed to spend in a week. The majority of cashback bonuses use a week as a timeframe, but some casinos opt for different timeframes.

You should also remember that cashback bonuses are subject to wagering requirements. In other words, you’ll have to wager a certain amount of money before you can actually withdraw the amount you received via your cashback bonus.

If you’re a regular player, this type of promotion is a perfect opportunity to “get back in the game” after a losing streak. That’s why many regular casino players love cashback bonuses.

However, if you’re a new player who wants to play online slot machines for real money and other casino games, make sure to pay attention to welcome bonuses.

You can find many great casinos on our site, as we made sure to make a selection of the best online casino platforms. All of them offer welcome bonuses, and some even have cashback offers that you can check out if you become a regular player.

How Match Bonuses Work in Online Casinos

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Whenever you register on a casino to play online slots (or any other casino game), you are likely to find a welcome bonus and plenty of other promotions. All online casinos nowadays offer lucrative promos for new and regular players. This is done to attract new ones and retain the regulars.

One of the most common types of promotions that are awarded to players is called a “match deposit” promotion or bonus. The name itself describes how this bonus work, but we’ll explain it here in detail.

Match deposits will simply match the deposit you make with the bonus amount. For example, if you deposit $100, you will get an additional $100 in bonus money.

However, this only applies to match deposit bonuses that offer a 100% match. Yet, some bonuses in casinos that offer USA online slots actually offer more than that.

For example, if you stumble upon a 200% match deposit bonus, you will get an additional bonus amount that’s twice as higher as your deposit amount.

What you should know is that the amount you receive in bonuses is not the only thing that matters with these bonuses. There are terms and conditions under which you can withdraw the bonus money, so these should be taken into account as well.

Wagering Requirements

The most important thing to pay attention to is the wagering requirements. They tell you how many times you have to play through your bonus amount before it becomes available for withdrawal.

For example, if the wagering requirements are set to 10x, and you make a deposit and win $30 in bonuses, then you will have to wager a total of $300 before your bonus amount becomes available for withdrawal.

Make sure to pay attention to other terms and conditions that come with each bonus. Some of them have expiry dates, meaning you have to use all your bonus money within a specific timeframe, or it would become void.

Moreover, some bonuses are game-specific, meaning that only some games will contribute to the wagering requirements. In casinos that focus on online slots, slots are definitely on the list of games that contribute to wagering requirements.

Now that you know these things, you can choose the best online slots bonus. We made a selection of a couple of online casinos that focus on slots. All of them offer lucrative bonuses for new players, so feel free to check them out and select the one that meets your needs.

What To Pay Attention To When Playing Slots with Bonuses

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Playing online slots has become the favorite pastime of many casino game lovers. One of the reasons for that is that many slot providers experimented with this genre and added a wide variety of bonus features, making the games more interesting.

Long before slots were made for the web, they were these simple games where you had to spin the mechanical reels and wait for the three symbols to match.

Although these were popular back in the day, slot lovers nowadays require much more than that. They seek the thrill and the excitement of expecting a prize, but they also want something more.

That’s where bonus features of online slots come in. Many USA online slots come with these features, but they might differ slightly in some ways.

A Little Something Extra

Generally speaking, a bonus feature is usually a name for the free spins feature in most cases. You need to get a certain number of scatter symbols or some other bonus symbols on the reels during the base game to start this feature. The conditions are usually set by the number of bonus symbols you land.

For example, if you land three bonus symbols or scatters on the reels, you can win five free spins. However, landing five of those will result in 15 free spins.

However, slot creators went a step further and made these bonus features even more interesting. Nowadays, some games even have multipliers, meaning you can win even bigger prizes if you’re lucky.

But bonus features are not always free spins. They can take many shapes and sizes, and come with a set of rules that you should be familiar with before you start playing the game.

The good news is that many online slots are available for free. In other words, you can play them with fake money and use that to explore all the features, including the bonuses available in the game.

Once you explore the slot and its features with fake money, you can actually make a deposit with real money and start your journey exploring slots and their features.

If you’re looking for the best online casino for slots, make sure to check our site. We made a list of casinos that offer great slots, and the majority of them come with several bonus features that can help you create big wins if you’re lucky enough.

CryptoReels Offers A Great Monday Slots Promotion

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CryptoReels is an online casino platform that offers all kinds of popular casino games, with online video slots being the main focus. What makes this platform stand out from the crowd is the fact that it offers Bitcoin as its primary deposit method. Therefore, everyone who wants to play games using “digital gold” will now have an opportunity to do so on CryptoReels.

The promotion that we’re going to talk about today is available if you make a deposit on Monday. All you have to do is use the coupon code CRYPTOCHIP when making a deposit, and you’ll be able to receive a 70% slots deposit bonus for playing USA online slots.

The good news is that this promotion is redeemable two times, meaning you will have an opportunity to repeat the same procedure in one of the following Mondays. Once you use both of the bonuses, you’ll receive a $20 chip on top of that.

The only two things you need to take into account regarding this bonus is that it comes with 30x wagering requirements, meaning you’ll have to play through your bonus amount 30 times before your money becomes available for withdrawal.

Slots Only

The second thing is that this is a slot-only promotion, meaning you’ll not be able to use the bonus money for playing other types of games on the casino.

You should also take into account that this is a promotion for regular players. If you’re new to the platform, you can also first check out the lucrative welcome bonus offered by CryptoReels.

The welcome bonus offers players a welcome bonus of up to $4,500, and those who decide to make a Bitcoin deposit will receive a $75 chip on top of that. The wagering requirements for the welcome offer are 40x, but the free chip comes with 50x wagering requirements and 10x max cashout. You should take into account that this bonus is also only available for online slots.

There are many great platforms out there offering the best USA internet slots, so if you want to continue your exploration beyond CryptoReels, make sure to check them out. Many of them also offer Bitcoin as one of the available deposit options, and some even offer additional bonuses for people who decide to make a deposit using this cryptocurrency.

Therefore, feel free to take a look at the list featured on this website to find out more about other options.

Three Important Things to Take Into Account for Welcome Bonuses

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Many online casinos nowadays offer lucrative welcome bonuses for new players. These are always so generous and give players a lot of money on top of their initial deposits. However, you cannot actually withdraw that money, but only use it for playing casino games.

The only way you can withdraw them is to meet the wagering requirements. In this article, we’ll discuss what this is and explain two additional terms — “redeemable” and “max cash out.”

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements denote the number of times you have to play your bonus amount through to be able to withdraw it. For example, if the welcome bonus for a site that offers USA online slots is 100% and you deposit $20, that means you will get an additional amount of $20 as a bonus.

However, to be able to withdraw that money (or any additional amount you receive from winning while playing with bonus money), you need to meet the wagering requirements. If they are set to, say 10x, you will have to deposit and play through a total of $200 before the bonus amount becomes available for withdrawal.

Redeemable Bonuses

When you’re reading bonus T&Cs, you will probably notice that there’s a “redeemable” option with a certain number next to it. This indicates the number of times you can redeem a certain bonus. Welcome bonuses are usually redeemable only once.

However, there are additional promotions that you can redeem several times. Some of them have the word “unlimited,” meaning there’s no limit to how many times you can claim the bonus.

Max Cash Out

Finally, some bonuses have an upper cap to how much you can cash out once your bonus money becomes available. The higher the cashout, the better.

In some cases, you will find that bonuses don’t have the upper cap, meaning you’ll be able to cash out as much as you want, once your bonus money becomes available.

These are just some of the important things that you need to consider when analyzing bonuses. It’s important to know that the best bonus is not the one that offers you the most money, but the one that offers you the best conditions, including the three listed here.

If you want to play games with some of the best bonuses on the web, make sure to check out our site. We made a list of casinos that offer some of the best slots bonuses, so take a good look at it and feel free to join one of the available sites.